Welcome to the Central Oxford Mosque Website

Central Oxford Mosque

The offical website. Here you can find the lastest information on events, prayer timetables, classes and education. As well as contact details for the committee, chairman and Imam.
Find out the history of the masjid, building plans and how you can donate to help.

Insh'Allah our intention is to provide a useful, vibrant and informative website that will educate, enlighten and invigor the people of Oxford with a passion for Islam, the Quran and inspire this multicultural city.

Mash'Allah we have been blessed with a beautiful purpose built masjid in the centre of probably the most famous city for education in the world. We will use this atmosphere of learning and study to educate our community.

Alhamdulillah this site will be regularly updated with information about upcoming events and special days such as Eid. You can check the latest prayer timetables, find out ways to donate and set up a standing order. Further information about classes and education will be added. Other services include funeral, building, maintenance and caretaking. Watch out for some fun sections like